The Playbook for Small Businesses
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The Playbook For Small Businesses

It’s time to take control of your financial future and for some that means starting a small business. Increase the odds of success and join us for our free webinar “The Playbook for Small Businesses”, hosted Steve Henry. Steve is an author and host of his own nationally syndicated small business talk radio program that surrounds listeners with successful entrepreneurs who have done what you want to do!

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to tailor your business to customers’ needs
  • Creative techniques for the most successful business
  • How to create a solid and long-lasting relationship with your customers

About the Speaker:

For over 30 years Steve Henry has started and successfully run several small businesses. His last endeavor allowed him to grow a used car lot in one of the deepest economic downturns from two vehicles and $7,000 in cash to a recent buyout worth over three quarters of a million dollars.

His current book, The Playbook for Small Businesses, was a runaway best seller hitting impressive sales both online and in retail book stores. The message contained is helpful for all businesses to take to heart during these economically challenging times. Steve understands the day-to-day pains that the small entrepreneur endures.

Your takeaway from his teachings will be that you’re not alone.  You’ll recognize that Steve’s true passion is success for everyone. Steve believes that the small family business is our only hope for financial freedom.

He currently hosts his own nationally syndicated small business radio show heard in every state and around the world, broadcasting live from the flagship station, Arizona’s #1 News Talk Station, 92.3 KTAR, Saturdays at noon MST.