Turn Your Website into Your #1 Salesperson: How to Get a Business-Building, Money-Making Site


You can't just release any website and expect it to immediately start growing your business. You have to understand how people navigate and use the web while applying a touch of sales and marketing psychology. Thankfully, this isn’t hard to do once you know the basics.

You will discover:
  • Two simple secrets most web designers never tell you
  • What customers truly want to know about you, your business, and your products on the web
  • The three key things your site needs to ensure prospects buy from you—instead of the other guy
  • A simple way to organize your site to make it WAY more effective
  • How to fix the problems that scare customers away from your site

A Practical Marketing Expert, award-winning entrepreneur, and author of “The Small Business Website Bible”, Stacy Karacostas specializes in helping entrepreneurs discover how to how to Replicate, Automate and Delegate to take more sales and marketing off their plates.

Stacy’s clients regularly see up to a 300% increase in their own website sales and conversions by following her advice. She’s the author of hundreds of articles on sales, marketing and websites published in more than five countries and two languages. In January 2011, she was listed as one of three small business marketing consultants you should listen to on StartUpNation.com.